Underworld Gang War Official Release Date

Battle royale games such as PUBG and Free Fire have increased the popularity of such video games in India. But these games were not completely Indian, so these video games were banned.
That’s why, due to the demand of Indian video game players and to promote India in the field of video games, a game called “The Underground Gang Wars” was announced by Mayhem Studio.


Underworld Gang War

The underworld game was announced in 2022. Exactly 10 months ago a trailer of the game was posted on YouTube. After watching the trailer, there was a lot of hype about this game among the players. Underworld Gang War game is developed by Mayhem Studio. Inside the underworld gang war we will get to see 2 gangs first gang name is Tyagi gang and its leader is Bhonkal Toli, second gang name is Boris and its leader is Velvet. Players can choose their own gang according to whether they want to go to Tyagi or go to Boris. Both Gangas have different abilities. In the game, you will get weapons and vehicles according to your gang. There are 2 islands inside the game map, between which there is a river, one side of the river belongs to Tyagi gang and the other side belongs to Boris. The name of the location of the underworld gang war is Dhantara. There are a total of 8 places inside Dhantara: Station, Fort, Slums, Ghat, Apartment, Coal Mine, Docks and Race Course. The graphics of the game are looking very good in the trailer. The developers have worked hard on the game.

underworld gang war map

Underworld Gang War Release Date

According to Mayhem Studio, Underworld Gang War will be released on 22 May 2023. The registration for Underworld Gang War has been started, you can register from Google Playstore. The developers of the game say that we will launch this game in full as soon as possible and after that every Indian will be able to enjoy this game.

If you want to know more about this game then you can visit their official youtube channel underground gang wars or visit https://underworldgangwars.com

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