Indian Esports: Rise and Fall

Esport is increasing day by day. Many people are making their career in esport. But esport is still far behind in India. Today we will talk about this. Today we will talk about why esports is not growing in India and when and how did it start in India.

Rise of Esport in India

On August 23, 2017, for the first time in India, the Battle Royale game was launched for mobile, whose name was Free Fire. After which there was a huge boom in the mobile gaming industry. The graphics players of this game did not like much. After which tencent launched PUBG on mobile devices in India in 2018. This game became so popular that it got 100M players in just one year. The graphics of this game were very much liked by the players. Tencent conducted the first tournament of Pubg Mobile in India on 12 March 2019.Whose price money was 30 lakhs, After this there were many tournaments of pubg, free fire and cod. after this, players started seeing their career in it. Many players started live stream of gaming on YouTube and Facebook.

Obstacles to Esport in India

The gaming industry was growing in India, but it did not last long because on 02 September 2020, the Indian government banned Pubg in India. On February 14, 2022, the second biggest mobile game Free Fire was also banned by the Indian Government. After this, Krafton relaunched Pubg in India with the name BGMI, but a year later, on July 28, 2022, BGMI was also got banned.

On the other hand, the biggest reason for stopping the growth of e-sports in India is Indian parents because for success in e-sports, high level PC and mobile devices are required for which parents do not pay money. Because they do not see any future in it, according to them government job is everything.

Most of the companies develop games for PC and console. There is not much market for PC and console in India. The gaming industry could not grow here due to the abundance of mobile players. Due to the high cost of PC and console, Indian gamers cannot afford it. Games has started developing in India too, but investors are not ready to invest in these games.

How to grow Esport in India

If esport is to grow in India, then the government will have to take esport seriously and parents will also have to give freedom to their children for esport.

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