Cyberpunk 2077: All About Phantom Liberty DLC – 15 GAME CHANGING FEATURES

We all know Cyberpunk 2077 released on shaky ground, but in successive years, CD Projekt Red have worked tirelessly to provide updates which, looking back almost three years later, represent a drastic improvement to the base game. As released Cyberpunk 2070 seven’s upcoming DL C Phantom Liberty looks like it’ll complete CD Projekt Red’s redemption with brand new settings, fresh spy based gameplay plus new weapons, skills and characters the main features of an expansion which is also fine tuning and overhauling pretty much all of its gameplay mechanics. The expansion is launching September 26 to current gen hardware only.

1. Espionage based narrative and gameplay

Shaking up the narrative somewhat is Phantom Liberty with cyber enhanced mercenary V returning for a high stakes spy thriller adventure. The mission, as announced by CD Projekt Red involves V dabbling in spycraft infiltrating high security buildings, stealthily taking out enemies and busting head. Were some of the craftiest NPCs in the game under their new guise of government secret agents on an intriguing crusade to save the NUC precedent?

2. New city district to explore

Night City’s one and only expansion will feature a new hood to explore Dogtown. This all new district in the city’s southwestern block is supremely dangerous. Having been walled off from the Pacifica conflict zone for presumably being too dicey for the ordinary citizen to waltz through. With crime rife behind Dog Town’s combat zone walls, we are expecting v must tread carefully, what with alleged trouble on the streets, rampant militias and a colonel who’s utterly hostile to outsiders.

3. New characters

We all know Keanu Reeves is set to reprise his role as popular NPC. Johnny Silverhand in Phantom Liberty. But most headline grabbing of this expansion’s newcomers is The Wire and Luther actor Idris Elba, who will provide his likeness and line delivery to a new character, solomon Reed, an experienced FIA agent working for the Nusa. A loyal dutiful agent is Reed. His allyship will no doubt prove crucial to completing Phantom Liberty’s spy based missions, as his lengthy spell in covert intelligence means he’s an expert in spycraft net runners and extracting information. Other fresh faces include ruler of dogtown Colonel Hanson, shapeshifting Nusa agent Alex, and President Meyer’s right hand songbird.

4. It overhaul cybernetics

CD Projekt Red have never shied away from overhauling major gameplay mechanics, and it doesn’t seem as though they’re stopping with Phantom Liberty either, as Cyberpunk 2077 cybernetics are receiving a revamp. Previously, character armor was tied to clothing, meaning players often had to choose between fashion or funk, sacrificing defensive stats for the coolest threads. Now in Phantom Liberty, defense is tied to cyberware, meaning players can dress V in whatever they want without fear of defensive penalty. The flip side to this is V will be limited to how much cyberware can be added before health is debuffed.

5. New weapons and Cyberware of course

What is DLC without a new weapon or two to wield in unexplored territory? Along for the ride in Phantom Liberty that we know of is the Erata, a tier three katana and the Order, which is a DB two satara double barreled shotgun. There’s also the smart submachine gun dubbed the Warden, plus a couple of unidentified handguns, which we’ll have to wait until we play Phantom Liberty before we learn how they function. Cyberware. Ostensibly, Cyberpunk 2070 seven’s perk system is set to receive new items, plus an overhaul of existing items and upgrades. Info is scant at the minute on exactly how or what shape this revamped cyberware will take. So again, we’ll have to wait until we dive into Dogtown before we find out.

6. It new and overhauled skills

It’s no secret the bulk of Cyberpunk 2070 seven’s core systems are receiving upgrades and overhauls in its first and only DLC. But according to CD Project Red creative director Pavel Sasko and Phantom Liberty quest designer Despoina, anataki skills and perks are amongst the biggest revamps. Sad, though, these new skills have not been shared just yet. But with a reported overhaul to Cyberpunk 2070 seven’s difficulty curve, enemy archetypes and loot drop content, as well as its novel stealth based gameplay, it’s likely these new skills will complement these other changes nicely.

7. Redesign Skill tree

Early play tester of Phantom Liberty and new Blood Interactive CEO Dave Oshri has done us the commendable service of sharing a screen grab of Phantom Liberty’s redesigned skill tree, and immediately it looks to be a refresh for the better. The new talent system actually resembles something of a tree for starters, but. Taking a look at Oshri’s screenshot, we can see primary nodes with secondary offshoots. Perhaps these main nodes are core skills, with secondary offshoots being something more akin to perks or buffs. The skill tree tops out with an ultimate final skill, too. Not exactly a revolutionary design, sure, but Phantom Liberty’s skills are at least now organized in a much more read format.

8. Refreshed combat Mechanics

CD Projekt Red have been sure to fine tune combat, too, with a mode focusing on new combat finishing moves. The most headline grabbing overall playtesters are reporting tighter fighting, which is just as well as it appears. V will be getting their fists out plenty of times when face to face with new faction soldiers. The barguest on the steely streets of Dogtown.

9. expanded NPC behaviour

The AI of Night City’s non player population is said to be receiving a drastic overhaul, too. You may remember on launch, NC’s citizens reacting bizarrely to danger, all carrying in synchronicity, for instance. Subsequent updates have the population move more towards a natural reaction to aggression, with some NPCs even fighting back if they don’t run away, something which CD Projekt Red surely wished they’d implemented from the start. Phantom Liberty is set to continue down this path, no doubt adding yet more immersiveness to an already well designed city.

10. Improved Police system

Actually, improved probably isn’t the word to describe Phantom Liberty’s police system. No. Its alleged police behavior in this upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 expansion has been completely redone, built again from the ground up. This time, there’ll be multiple levels of law enforcement who will chase V in differing way. Police are said to be more aggressive in their approach to apprehending criminals, with the city’s most wanted being hunted down by NCPD’s elite task force known as Max Tech

11. Vehicle Combat

And how better to enjoy evading the more rampant NC police force than with Vehicle Combat? Yes. Finally, CD projekt red are implementing Vehicular combat into cyberpunk. 2077 With Phantom Liberty’s players now able to drive and shoot for the first time. It’ll certainly give new meaning to the phrase gunning for freedom. But in actual fact, Vehicular Combat has been one of the most sought after additions to the cyberpunk universe, not least in part to a wildly successful mod which enabled players to drive by their opponents. As a bonus, Phantom Liberty will reportedly feature cars with mounts for external weapons, too.

12. Rebalanced hacking system

Of course, with an expansion so focused on spying, it makes sense that CD Projekt Red would opt to deliver some finesse to Cyberpunk 2070 seven’s hacking systems. Playtesters report a far more balanced set of hacking powers, with shorter cooldowns providing a tighter experience. There’s even a stealthy hacker archetype to select for those wanting their runner to be the strong silent type.

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