Crime Boss: Rockay City Review & Download Free

Crime Boss Rocky City has been officially released today. Download Crime Boss Rockay City from Epic Game Store.

Crime boss rockay city

Crime Boss Rockay City is a First Person Shooting Open World game developed by 505 Games on Unreal Engine 5. We get to see 3 modes in Crime Boss Rockay City 1. Bakers Battle 2. Crime Time 3. Urban Legends. In bakers battle mode we fight with Cops. We can also play this mode with our friends. In this mode, if we get knocked out, then our teammate can also revive us. In crime time mode we can play a quick play game with our friends. In which the team which kills more will be the winner. And the last mode is Urban Legends in which we will get to see the co-op story of the game.

crime boss rockay city review

Crime Boss: Rockay City Review

Crime boss rockay city is very smooth to play. Fight scenes in the game are also very smooth. The recoil of the gun and the handling of the vehicle are also decent. The graphics of the game are quite good. The cut scenes of the game are very good. Many glitches are also being seen in the game. The textures of the game do not look real. An attempt has been made to make the blood scene look real in the game, but it does not look so real. The fire that comes out on firing from the gun also does not look real. AI of npc’s is not so good it takes time to react. Overall the game is good but there is still work to be done on it, if all these issues are corrected in the upcoming updates, then the game is quite good.

Crime Boss: Rockay City Download

Crime boss rockay city is now available on the Epic Game Store. The price of the game has been kept at $28.

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