BGMI (2.5) No Recoil Config File Download Latest Updated 32bit & 64bit (Mod + Free) – 2023

BGMI (2.5) No Recoil Config File 32bit & 64bit (Mod + Free)

In bgmi, the biggest problem faced by the players is the gun’s recoil. We can correct this problem with sensitivity, but not completely. Today I will give you bgmi no recoil config file, by which you can improve your gameplay. If you are interested in this hacked file then you can stay with this site.

What is Bgmi No recoil Config file?

Bgmi is a battle royale game with 50M+ downloads in India. There are 100 players in this game, in which you have to survive and come on #1. After which your rank in the game increases. For this, the players work very hard.

But it is not easy to kill the enemy in this. The biggest problem in bgmi is the recoil (vibration) of the gun. It is very difficult to control the recoil of bgmi. Because of which the palyars are not able to kill the enemy. To eliminate this problem, modders have created bmgi no recoil config file.

BGMI 2.5 No Recoil Obb File Download 2023

It is not legal to customize or change game files while doing things that might jeopardize your gaming account is a bad idea because you put your I’d at Risk. You could be permanently banned. You should use this No recoil Config & Obb file at your own risk if you wish to use it then. BGMI 2.5 Update Version is officially released on the Play Store and App Store so first downloads it.

Will your I’d get banned because of This Bgmi No recoil file?

No this file is fully optimized and a powerful anti-ban script is installed in this file so this feature make your I’d safe and will not ban your I’d. If you do any other hack with this hack, then your ID can be banned. Also, if you do this hack repeatedly, your ID can be banned. If you use the bgmi no config file with limit, then your ID will be 100% safe.

How to Remove Bgmi No Recoil Config or Obb file?

  • Open your game Bgmi
  • Go to settings and get logout of the game
  • You will now be at the login page
  • Go to Repair and then click on Routine Repair 
  • And you done just restart the game and you will see that config file has been remove easily

How to apply Bgmi 2.5 No Recoil Config File?

  1. First of all Download Bgmi No Recoil Config File
  2. Then extract the given file.
  3. You will find a file name as “obb” Copy that file
  4. Now follow the steps Zarchiver> Android > then past over here.
  5. Now restart the game and see the magic
  6. You will find that you game is more smoother then before.
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Download No Recoil FIle

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